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  • Shirke V. S., Ajotikar M. V., Sharma, J. P. and Sonwane, H. P. 2011. Adoption Analysis of Agricultural Coverage in Selected Indian National Dailies. Asian Journal of Extension Education (Earlier Maharashtra Journal of Extension Education 22 (2).41-41
  • Manjunatha B L, Rao Uma Maheswara and Sharma J. P. 2011. Socio-psychological Characteristics ofSamajShilpiDampatis vis-à-vis the Performance of Village Self Reliance Campaign. Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable Development.6  (I)
  • Sah Uma, Dubey Shantanu Kumar and Sharma J. P. 2011.  Potato Marketing in North east Region of India: A diagnostic Study. Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable Development .6 ( I)
  • Yadav VPS, Yadav SK, Hudda RS, Sharma JP and Sharma Karamjit. 2011.  Extent of Transfer of Crop Production Technologies in Dryland Farming. Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable Development. 6 (I )
  • SahaBiswarup and Bahal Ram. 2011.  Vulnerability and Adoption to different Shocks: A Livelihood Analysis in West Bengal. Journal of Interacademicia, 15(4):683-695.
  • SahaBiswarup and Bahal Ram. 2011. Analysis of Diversifiers and Non-diversifier Farm Households in West Bengal. Indian Research Journal of Extension Education, XI(2):59-64.
  • Kumar Parveen and Nain MS. 2011. Other Options too Exist- Success of Om Prakash. Indian Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Vol. 2(1): 191-192
  • Singh Premlata, Singh J and Rahul 2011. Drudgery Reduction of Farm Women: An Ergonomic Assessment of Improved Agricultural Tool and Implements. Indian Journal of Extension Education.  47 (1 &2): 34:38.
  • Singh Rashmiand Sinha B. P. 2011.Entrepreneurial Performance of Women. International Journal of Extension Education, 7 (Nov 11): 8-20.
  • Kumbhare NV, Padaria RN and Chaturvedi VK. 2011. Household Food Security under Changing Agricultural Scenario.International Journal of Extension Education, Vol.7, November, 2011:61-65.
  • Kumbhare NV and Singh K. 2011. Adoption Behaviour and Constraints in Wheat and Paddy Production Technology.Indian Research Journal of Extension Education:41-44.
  • Mukherjee Anirban, Bahal Ram, Burman R. Roy Dubey SK. and Jha GK. 2011. Effectiveness of Tata KisanSansar in Technology Advisory and Delivery Services in Uttar Pradesh. Indian Res. J. Ext. Edu. 11 (3): 8-13.
  • BiswarupSaha and Ram Bahal (2011). Analysis of diversifiers and non-diversifier farm households in West Bengal. Indian Research Journal of Extension Education, XI (2):59-64.
  • K. C. Shinogi, D. U. M. Rao, D. K. Sharma and Ram Bahal (2011). Factors behind the shift to Organic Agriculture in Kerala. PusaAgriScience 34:96-99.
  • AbadiTeklehaimanot, Ram Bahal, V. C. Mathur, K. Vijayaragavan, V. K. Mahajan and R. N. Padaria (2011). Determinants of Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies in India. PusaAgriScience. 34:113-120.
  • Venkataramulu, Manti and Ram Bahal (2011). Motivational Factors Influencing the Formation of RythuMitra Groups.  Indian Journal of Extension Education, 47 (1&2):39-44.
  • “Impact Assessment of Self Help Groups on Empowerment of Rural Women In Andhra Pradesh” by V. Sangeetha, Monika Wason,Premlata Singh, R. N. Padaria and Vijay Babu, Accepted for publication in Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable Development.
  • “SWOT  Analysis of  women Self help groups” Monika Wason, Premlata Singh R N Padaria, V Sangeetha ,Nishi Sharma,V K Chaturvedi and Shashi Gupta (2012) Submitted  for publication in Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable Development.
  • Vimal Raj G., RashmiSingh and Vijayragavan K. 2010. Extent of Adoption of Best Practices by Award Winning Agripreneurs of Tamil Nadu, Journal of Community Mobilization for Sustainable Development, V (2) Dec 2010.
  • Arindam Nag, Rashmi Singh, R RBurman (2011): Changes in Technology Use of Rice Cultivation in Low and High Rice Productive Districts of West Bengal, Journal of Community Mobilization for Sustainable Development, June 2011.
  • Slathia P.S., N. Pal and M.S. Nain (2011) Awareness among farming community regarding Kisan Call Centres in Jammu region. International Journal of Extension Education. Vol. 7 pp 41-46
  • Kumar A., Ajrawat B, SinghU. and Nain M. S. (2011). Interests and Activities of Rural Youth in relation to Education: A Study of Samba District of J&K. Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Vol.2 No.3
  • Peer QuadriJaveed Ahmad and M. S. Nain (2011). Farmers’ Perceptions on Challenges and Opportunities for Commercializing Pear (Pyruscommunis) in Kashmir Valley of J&K State. Journal of Research SKUAST Jammu.Vol. 10 No.1 PP 48-53
  • Singh D., Nain M. S., Hansra B.S., Raina V. (2011) Trends in Non-Basmati Rice Productivity and Factors of Yield Gap in Jammu Region. Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable Development. Vol. 6 (1), 59-64