All India Network Project on Pesticide Residues

Dr. Krishan K. Sharma
Principal Scientist (Network Project)
Phone: 011-258463960
E-mail: kksaicrp[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
Specialization: Pesticide residue chemistry







Dr. Krishan K. Sharma

To overcome the problem of widespread contamination of food commodities, water, soil and biological samples in Idia with residues of pesticides, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research initiated All India Coordinated Research Project on Pesticide Residues, redesignated as All India Network project on Pesticide Residues, during the year 1984-85. The main aim of the project is to "To develop protocols for the safe use of pesticides by recommending good agricultural practices, based on multi-location supervised field trials" so that the residues in the food commodities remain well within the prescribed safe limits (MRL's). The data thus generated are used for "Fixing MRL's".
Besides supervised field trias, regular monitoring of pesticide residues in biotic and abiotic component of the environment is envisaged as a part of this project's activities to know the extent of contamination so that the Government could initiate necessary remedial actions.
Lastly, to develop infrastructure facilities at state level for pesticide residues analysis which can provide assistance and cooperation to other Institutions and departmentsto solve local problems relating to pesticides and to bring about general awareness amongst the masses. All the states desire their agricultural produce to be analyzed for pesticide residues so that it is acceptable in the international market and is safe for local consumption.

  • To organise, promote and co-ordinated research on pesticide residues in agriultural produce and other components of the environment at national levels.
  • To study the dissipation of pesticides in crops from super vised field trials using recommended pesticides and to work out safe time limits between pesticide application and harvest of the produce.
  • To monitor the pesticide residues in abiotic and biotic components of environment.
  • to devise simple, sensitive and cost effective analytical methodology for quantification of pesticide residues and their degradation products in different components of the environment.
  • To study the effect of processing of food commodities for the removal of pesticide residues.
  • To maintain up-to-date information on pesticide residues and to provide guidelines in this regard to research and extension workers in the country.