AS 602 ADVANCED STATISTICAL GENETICS                       (1L+1P)
(Pre-requisite : AS 566)

This is an advanced course in Statistical Genetics that aims at describing some advanced level topics for students who wish to pursue research in Statistical Genetics. This course prepares students for undertaking research in this area. This also helps them for applications of this important subject in plant and animal breeding.


Genetic load, random genetic drift, effect of finite population size, Theory of path coefficients. Regular systems of inbreeding.

Effect of inbreeding on quantitative characters. Multiple allelism in continuous variation, sex- linked genes, maternal effects - estimation of their contribution.

Variance component approach and linear regression approach for the analysis of GE interactions. Measurement of stability and adaptability for genotypes. Concepts of general and specific combining ability, diallel and partial diallel crosses: construction and analysis.

Estimation of genetic load and random genetic drift. Effect of finite population size. Estimation of path coefficients. Detection and estimation of multiple allelism in continuous variation, sex- linked genes, maternal effects. Analysis of  G × E interaction, measurement of stability and adaptability. Analysis of data of diallel and partial diallel crosses.

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