PGS 501 LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SERVICES                                                                                (0L+1P) I, II, III

To equip the library users with skills to trace information from libraries efficiently, to apprise them of information and knowledge resources, to carry out literature survey, to formulate information search strategies, and to use modern tools (Internet, OPAC, search engines etc.) of information search.

Introduction to library and its services; Role of libraries in education, research and technology transfer; Classification systems and organization of  library; Sources of information- Primary Sources, Secondary Sources and Tertiary Sources; Intricacies of abstracting and indexing services (Science Citation Index, Biological Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts, CABI Abstracts, etc.); Tracing information from reference sources; Literature survey; Citation techniques/Preparation of bibliography; Use of CD-ROM Databases, Online Public Access Catalogue and other computerized library services; Use of Internet including search engines and its resources; e-resources access methods.