SST 511 / VSC 511 PRINCIPLES AND TEHNIQUES OF VEGETABLES SEED PRODUCTION                                                   (4L +1P) II

To impart a comprehensive knowledge of seed production in vegetable crops with adequate practical training


Importance and present status of vegetable seed industry; intellectual property rights and their implications; new seed policies; DUS testing principles and procedure; impact of PVP on growth of seed industry.

Genetical and agronomical principles of seed production; categories of seed and their maintenance; seed certification; seed standards; seed act; plant quarantine and quality control

Seed morphology and development in vegetable seeds; agro-techniques for vegetable seed production; environmental factors related to flowering/bolting in vegetable crops; floral biology; pollination systems and breeding techniques related to vegetable seed production in different crops; isolation distances; roguing; selection procedures and criteria for seed production; hybrid seeds; seed extraction methods; maintenance breeding in vegetable crops.

Field visit to division of vegetable science and seed science & technology and CPCT. Seed production technology of cucurbits, solanaceous vegetables and cole crops in open, under poly-house & low tunnel. Crossing & emasculation and pollination systems in different vegetable crops. Seed production techniques of cauliflower, peas, French bean, winter bean, Dolichos bean, okra, onion, brinjal, chilli, capsicum, carrot, turnip, and radish. Floral biology, determining of planting ratios for hybrid seed production and maintenance of varieties and parental lines.

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