Trainings / Extension activities


  1. ANASTU M.Sc. Agronomy Teaching Programme: E–Teaching Programme of 1st Batch of M.Sc. (Agronomy) Students of ANASTU during February 02, 2015 to November 20, 2015 (Afghanistan National Agricultural Sciences & Technology University, Kandahar)  sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India & ICAR, New Delhi

  1. Organized ICAR sponsored 21 days Summer School on Recent Innovations for Improving Nutrient Use Efficiency through Integrated Nutrient Management in Major Field Crops during August 6-26, 2014.
  2. Subject Matter Training for Afghan Scientists in Agronomy Division during period 1 August, 2013 to 31 January, 2014. Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi (6 Months).
  3. Integrated Farming Systems for Enhancing Resource-use Efficiency and Livelihood Security of Small and Marginal Farmers (20–27 December, 2013) Sponsored by Directorate of Extension Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Govt. of India, New Delhi (8 Days).
  4. Subject Matter Training Programme for Afghan Scientists on Teaching of Post-Graduate Course in Agronomy’ for 5 months (from 3rd March, 2014–5th August, 2014) at IARI, New Delhi under an International assignment by MEA, GOI, New Delhi to establish ‘Afghanistan National Agricultural Sciences & Technology University (ANASTU), at Kandhar (Afghanistan)’.
  5. Organized Third International Agronomy Congress on “Agriculture diversification, Climate Change management and Livelihoods” by Indian Society of Agronomy, ICAR and IARI, New Delhi, India from 26-30 November, 2012 at IARI, New Delhi.
  6. Organized National Symposium on Diversification for sustainable Livelihood and Environmental Security, by Indian Society of Agronomy, ICAR and IARI, New Delhi, India from 18-20 November, 2014 at PAU, Ludhiana.
  7. Eight days Model Training Programme on ‘Conservation Agriculture for Enhancing Resource-use Efficiency and Crop productivity’ sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, New Delhi was organised from December 18 – 25, 2010 in which 32 Scientists/Officials participated from 12 states.
  8. Twenty one days Winter School on ‘Recent advances in chemical and non-chemical approaches of weed management in cropped and non-cropped areas’ sponsored by ICAR was organised from 15 Nov – 6 Dec. in which 27 Scientists/Officials from 11 states participated


Extension activities

  1. Conducting OFTs at Badarpur Said and Rajpur villages.
  2. Active participation in MGMG programme
  3. Participation in Extension Council Meeting of the Institute.
  4. Participation in TOT Programme Planning Meeting.
  5. Participation in field Days.
  6. Imparted trainings to: Farmers and Trainers.
  7. Participation in Pusa Krishi Unnati Mela.
  8. Delivering TV and Radio talks.
  9. Scientist acted as Nodal Officer for National Extension Programme of the Institute for Navsari Agricultural University, Gujarat.