Pre-harvest Handling of Fruits

  1. Fruit bagging considerably reduced cracking, scratches, and development of bacterial spots with reduced incidence of sun burning in pomegranate. About 20 % higher marketable fruit yield was obtained from bagged trees in comparison to control.
  2. Pre-harvest fruit bagging in Royal Delicious apples significantly influenced the fruit colour, texture, quality and occurrence of bitter pit incidence. Apples covered with red or yellow coloured bags produced apples of intense red colour with best quality fruits and low incidence of bitter pit (nearly 2%) over control (14.6%) during storage.
  3. Foliar application of polyamine putrescine @100 nlL-1 at flower initiation stage reduced occurrence of misshapen fruit in strawberry upto 18%.
  4. Aluminium laminated polyethylene pouch (260g) with nitrogen gas packing was found to be the better for storage of dehydrated ripe mango slices and powder as compared to 200g and 400g LDP pouches.




 Value addition of Cereals and Millets

  1. Development of novel purple and orange breads as functional food using natural colours
  2. Ready-to-eat Pusapuffs and soynuts from pearl millet and soy beans respectively
  3. Protein and Micronutrient enriched cookies using pearl millet flour, soy flour and chickpea flour
  4. Studies on estimation of α -glucosidase inhibitory and hypoglycemic activity of food


Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Process has been standardized for production of aonla leather with high retention of vitamin C, and antioxidants.
  2. Polysaccharides from jackfruit and tamarind seeds have been used as encapsulating agent.

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