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"Our mission is to advance knowledge and understanding in the field of agriculture"

Before IARI became a 'Deemed to-be University', up to 1957, students numbering 903 were awarded Associateship of IARI, which was recognized as equivalent to the M.Sc. degree of Indian universities. The Institute has, till February 2015, awarded Ph.D. degrees to 4468 students, M.Sc. degrees to 3660 students and M.Tech. degree to 25 students. In addition to the students from all parts of the country, 349 students from foreign countries have also received their degrees from the Institute. The Institute has also imparted training in specialized areas of agricultural sciences through training programmes funded by the ICAR, DBT, DST and other organizations. A large number of persons have received training at IARI in areas like agricultural physics, microbiology, molecular science, plant pathology, soil science, and water science and technology. The Institute has introduced Best Faculty Awards for excellence in teaching. 96 scientists of the Institute have been awarded the Best Faculty Awards till February 2015 for their untiring efforts in improving the teaching in different subjects. These awards have motivated the faculty to improve the teaching. The courses are regularly reviewed and updated and world class library and laboratory facilities are provided. These efforts are reflected in the success of IARI students who invariably comprise the bulk of the candidates selected through national competitions. IARI students almost always occupy the top positions in merit lists.