Contractual Jobs

Date of AdvtContractual Jobs PostVenueLast Date
18-Feb-2017 Senior Research Fellow Division of Centre for Agricultural Technology Assessment & Transfer (CATAT) 09-Mar-2017
17-Feb-2017 Research Associate (RA) Zonal Technology Management & Business Planning and Development Unit, ICAR-IARI, New Delhi-110012 27-Feb-2017
17-Feb-2017 Project Assistant Division of Agricultutral Chemicals 07-Mar-2017
16-Feb-2017 Research Associate (RA), Senior Research Fellow (SRF) and Engineer Division of Plant Physiology 04-Mar-2017
16-Feb-2017 Research Associate (RA) Division of Plant Pathology 08-Mar-2017
15-Feb-2017 Junior Research Fellow (JRF) Division of Nematology 07-Mar-2017
10-Feb-2017 Senior Research Fellow Division of Plant Pathology 25-Feb-2017
10-Feb-2017 Senior Research Fellow Water Technology Centre 27-Mar-2017
08-Feb-2017 Research Associate Division of Genetics 27-Feb-2017
03-Feb-2017 Senior Research Fellow and Lab Attendent Division of Plant Pathology 23-Feb-2017
02-Feb-2017 Senior Research Fellow and Field Helper ICAR-IARI, Regional Station, Katrain, Kullu Valley (H.P.) 23-Feb-2017