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  • Dr. Sachin S. Suroshe, SARP Associate Award from Society for the Advancement of Research on Pomegranate, ICAR-NRC on Pomegranate, Solapur, Maharashtra for the year 2017
  • Dr. Subhash Chander nominated as RAC Member, ICAR-IIPR, Kanpur (2016-2019).
  • Dr. Subhash Chander nominated as RAC Member, ICAR-Directortae of Cashew Research, Puttur (Karnataka) (2017-2020).
  • Dr. Subhash Chander nominated as Institute Management Committee (IMC) Member, ICAR-IIHR, Hessargatha, Bengaluru (2017-2020).
  • Dr. Subhash Chander received ICAR Bharat Ratna Dr. C. Subramaniam Award for Outstanding Teachers in Crop & Horticultural Sciences- 2014.
  • Dr. Subhash Chander – Recipient of Sukumar Basu Memorial Award (2011)
  • Dr. G T Gujar-Chris Lomer Award of Society of Invertebrate Pathology and Member-at-large of its Bacteria Division (2014)
  • Dr. Sreedevi-Jagadiswari Rao Women Scientist Award (2013)

Fellows of the Societies/Editorship

  • Dr. Sachin S. Suroshe, Fellow of Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India(CHAI), New Delhi for the year 2016
  • Dr. G.T. Gujar, Member of Society for Invertebrate Pathology
  • Dr. M.K. Dhillon, Fellow of Plant Protection Association of India
  • Dr. M.K. Dhillon, Fellow of The Academy of Environmental Biology, Lucknow
  • Dr. M.K. Dhillon, Editor, Journal of Entomology and Nematology