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Award/ Honour / Recognition

Dr. Uma Rao

Member, Task Force Committee for Biological  Agents for Agriculture, DBT (2013)

Dr. Sharad Mohan

IARI Best Teacher Award (2013)

Dr. Sudershan Ganguly

Member, Planning Committee for Helminthology, DST (2013)

Dr. Tushar Kanti Dutta

Crop Protection Young Scientist Award by Association for Advancement in Plant Protection (2012)

Dr. Tushar Kanti Dutta

Jawaharlal Nehru award conferred by Indian Council Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi (2012)

Dr. Sharad Mohan

Elected country representative for European Society of Nematologists (2012)

Dr. Tushar Kanti Dutta

IARI merit medal for the best Ph.D thesis (2011)

Dr. Pankaj

Prof. H.M Shah Memorial Award by Nematological Society of India (2011)