Research Programmes & Services

To provide national leadership in agricultural extension and technology assessment and transfer by developing new concepts and approaches and serving national referral point for quality and standards.

Research Thrust

  • To introduce elements of assessments and refinement in technology development process
  • To develop transfer of technology (TOT) approaches for the promotion of new potential growth areas
  • Assessment and Promotion of Agricultural Technologies developed by IARI
  • Technology assessment at National Level through linkages with ICAR institutes/SAUs / Voluntary Organisations


  • To demonstrate the efficiency of new technologies in solving nationally relevant problems
  • To organize Training and Education through Krishi Vigyan Mela Agricultural Field oriented Exhibition, Field Days, Field visits and Group discussion
  • To provide farm advisory services to farmers and extension personnel
  • To develop linkages with scientists and Mass Media such as Doordarshan, Akashwani and print media