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Student's Grievance Redressal Mechanism

PG School, IARI, New Delhi has "Standing Committee on Students Problems & Discipline, Welfare, Board and Residences" which considers Complaints/Grievance of students, if any. This Committee has the Chairman and Members from Teaching Faculty, Administrative Officer and Students' Representative. In case of any Grievance/Complaint, any of the following Officers of IARI, New Delhi may be contacted on the following telephone numbers/e-mails. The officers mentioned below will take the action for redressal of the grievances/complaints immediately or refer the case to the Standing Committee for its redressal within 5-7 days.
Dean & Joint Director (Edn.)
Dr.(Mrs.) Anupama Singh
011 - 25843382
M - 8920154670
Nodal Officer
Dr. Anil Sirohi, Master of Halls of Residences
011 - 25848075
011 - 25847475
M - 9868612346
Registrar & Jt. Director (Admn.)
Sh. Pushpendra Kumar
M - 8510005200
Director/Vice Chancellor, IARI, is the Appellate Authority to consider the appeal of students who will dispose off the appeal within two days.
Appellate Authority
Dr. A.K. Singh, Director/Vice Chancellor, IARI
011 - 25842367
011 - 25843375
Fax: 011 - 25846420