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Technologies Developed

Crop Improvement


Post Harvest Technology

  • Technology for preparation of onion, garlic and ginger powder
  • Technology for making flakes of pigeon pea
  • Standardized technology for making flakes from maize and sorghum
  • Developed 'Pusa Zero Energy Cool Chamber' for on-farm storage of horticultural crops
  • Recommended CFB boxes for packing of fruits
  • Technology for steeping preservation of vegetables
  • Technology for production of fruit based drinks popularly known as "Pusa Fruit Drinks"
  • Packaging technology for capsicum for retail marketing and long distance transportation

Plant Protection

Agricultural Chemicals

Hydrophilic polymers have been prepared by grafting synthetic monomers on starch, a naturally occuring polysaccharide polymer for improving the water absorption and delaying its loss. Some polymers based on carboxymethyl cellulose developed recently have shown nearly 33000% m/m water absorption. These hydrogels can be used in diverse areas of agriculture such as dryland/rainfed agriculture, hi-tech horticulture and floriculture, nursery raising in soil less media, soil reclamation, agroforestry, artificial lawns and landscapes, terrace gardening etc.
Synthetic pesticides, neem emulsifiable concentrate (EW), Azadirachtin-A concentrate, neem oil microemulsion/microemulsion forming concentrate and processes of making dihydroazadirachtin-A concentrate under ambient conditions have been developed


Basic Sciences



Improvement of shelf life and nutritional quality of soya oil
Soya oil contains 20-30 percent oleic acid and 50-55 percent linoleic acid. To increase these heel life and nutritional quality of soya oil content of poly-unsaturated fatty acid, linoleic acid may be decreased and simultaneously the content of mono-unsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), oleic acid may be increased. To achieve this fad 2-1gene has been isolated from soybean seed and characterized. The sense and antisense constructs are being prepared in suitable vector which can further be used to develop transgenic soybean with reduced linoleic acid.
Isolation and characterization of genes involved in lipid metabolism for biosynthesis of designed oil
Plants store energy in the seeds in the form of triacylglycerol.

Natural Resource Management

Agricultural Engineering

  • Pusa-Farm SunFridge
  • Pusa Aqua Ferti Seed Drill
  • Pusa Powered Weeder Seeder
  • Pusa Tractor operated Okra planter
  • Pusa Pre-germinated Paddy Seeder
  • Pusa Potato planter and inter-culture equipment
  • Pusa Wheel Hand Hoe
  • Pusa Powered Stubble Shaver
  • Pusa Onion Detopper
  • Pusa Okra Thresher
  • Pusa Vegetable Seed Extractor
  • Pusa Vegetable & Fruit Grader

Social Sciences


Agricultural Economics

The various extension approaches and models developed at the Divisions are as below:
Whole Village Development
Effective use of mass media in agricultural development
Single Window Delivery System
Farmer-to-farmer seed production and distribution
Entrepreneurship Development
Rural Social Centre
Extension Lab
Capacity building of extension personnel
Gender Empowerment
Documentation and Validation of Indigenous Technical Knowledge
Farming System Development