Awards and Recognitions



Dr. R. K. Jain

1. Shri HariKrishan Shastri Memorial Award
2. Chief Editor/Editor (Indian Journal of Virology), 2005-2011
3. Associate Editor (Agricultural Research, 2012
4. President, Indian Psytopathological Society, IARI, New Delhi, 2010

Dr. Rashmi Aggarwal

1. V.P. Gokhale Award (2004)
2.K.C.Mehta and Manoranjan Mitra award (IPS 2014)
3. Chief  Editor (IPS-2011-17)
4. Fellow of Indian Phytopathological Society (1998)
5. Fellow of the Society for Biocontrol Advancement (2014)

Dr. V.K. Baranwal

1. Fellow, Indian Virological Society
2. Fellow Indian Phytopathological Society (2014)
3. Member, NASI (2011)
4. Fellow NAAS –(2016)
5. Member, PMEC-NCS-TCP,DBT since (2015)

Dr. Bikash Mandal

1. Editor-in-Chief, Indian Journal of Virus Disease  , since 2011
2. Member, International working group on vegetable and legumes viruses, 28    March 2011
3. Member, International taxonomy committee for  Nanoviridae,  International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, 2011

Dr. G.P. Rao

1. Secretary, Society for Sugar Research & Promotion, New Delhi, and Indian Virological Society , New Delhi
2. Member of International Phytoplasma Working Group, Italy

Dr. A. Kumar

1  DBT overseas Associateship, 2009-10

Dr. K.K. Biswas

1. FPSI (Fellow of Indian Phytopathology) 2012, New Delhi
2. SPPS Meritorious Scientist Award by Society of Pl Prote Sci, New Delhi, 2010
3. Shiksha Ratan Puraskar, India International Friendship Society, New Delhi, 2011

Dr. DInesh Singh

1. Late Shri P. P. Shinghal Memorial Award (Society of Plant protection Sciences) 2013
2. Dr. J.P Verma  Memorial Award 2015

Dr. K. K Mondal

1. Fellow Indian Phytopathological Society (2013)
2. Member, The National Academy of Sciences India (2013)

Dr. V. Shanmugam

1. Fellow of the Society for Biocontrol Advancement (FSBA)-2014
2. Fellow Society of Plant Protection Sciences (SPPSF)-2013
3. Fellow of the Phytopathological Society of India (FPSI)-2012

Dr. Anirban Roy

1. Fellow, Society of Plant Protection Sciences (2013)
2. Young Scientist Award, Society for Applied Biotechnology (2012)
3. Young Scientist Award (Plant Protection), NAAS (2011)







Award received

Institution Associated


D.V. Singh

Shri Harikishan Shastri Memorial Award 2003

Post Graduate School, IARI


Best teacher award 2004



Best teacher award 2005

Post Graduate School, IARI

S. Nagarajan

Dr. N.E.Norman E Borlaug Award 2005




Fellow, NAAS

National Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Anupam Verma

Chairman, International Council of Science, Regional Committee for Asia and Pasific (2006-2008)

International Council of Science


K.D. Srivastava

Best teacher award 2006

Post Graduate School, IARI


Khwarizmi International Award

Iran Govt.

D.V. Singh

Dr. K.C. Mehta Award




Best Woman Agrl. Scientist Award




VASVIK Award - 2007


Shri Harikishan Shastri Memorial Award 2010

Post Graduate School, IARI

R.K.Jain, V.G.Malathi and Bikash Mandal

Member, ICTV working committee on Tospovirus, Begomovirus and Nanoviridae respectively

International committee on taxonomy of viruses