Trainings/Extension activities


  • Text Box: Farmer Training on  crop management and IPM National Extension ProgrammeThe Division is actively engaged in extension activities of its own and of KVK at Gurgaon. It offers advice and consultancies in pest diagnostics, pest management and conducts front line farmer-field demonstrations and participation in farmers' fairs and has a well-staffed plant health clinic.

Special Activities

  • Pheromone traps (Helilure) were installed for mass trapping of tomato fruit borer in 59 farmers’ fields involving 52 acres in four villages each of Nunh and Tauru clusters in Mewat (Haryana). As told by farmers, pheromone traps reduced number of insecticide sprays by 3-5 sprays, saving Rs. 2500-4000/acre and tomato fetched Rs. 30 more per crated due to better quality.
  • Pheromone traps (Helilure) were installed for monitoring of gram pod borer in 84 farmes fields in 12 villages of Nalcha, Sardarpur, Manawar and Badnawar Blocks in Dhar District of M.P.
  • Insecticides were tested against banded blister beetle on bajra involving 22 farmers and 24 acres of land in Beema, Paladi and Palla villages of Nunh cluster of Mewat.  Carbaryl was found to be the best in killing the beetles followed by indoxacarb and acephate.
  • Fruit fly traps were distributed to various agricultural farms in and around Delhi and also during the Krishi Vigyan Mela.
  • Organizing special lecture series - "Dr. S. Pradhan Memorial Lecture".
  • "Dr. K.M. Singh Memorial Award" for significant contributions in Entomology.
  • "Guruprasad Pradhan Gold Medal" to meritorious Ph.D. students.
  • Special Training Programmes and Summer School.

Infrastructure and other facilities

  • Biosystematics Research Laboratory - comprising National Pusa Collection of catalogued and preserved insects, Scanning Electron Microscope, research microscopes, fluorescence microscope, computer based resource inventory of insect fauna of NPC, micro and macro-photographic facilities and digital camera.
  • Insect proof climate control chamber facility for conducting entomological studies under controlled climate conditions.
  • National Facility for insect rearing
  • Insecticide formulation and bioassay laboratory having Potter's spraying and dusting towers computer aided product analysis facility.
  • Insect physiology research laboratories with facilities for insect biochemistry such as HPLC and GC, and molecular biological studies.
  •  Insect pathology laboratory with facilities for insect microbiological studies
  • Biocontrol laboratory with facilities for chemical ecology studies with mass rearing facility for host insects, parasitoids as well as predators.
  • Stored product laboratory for rearing of insects and modeling safe storage structures and the fumigation.
  • Identification services on insects and mites.
  • Supply of nucleus culture of parasites and predators.
  • Library with Internet facility.
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