Dr. Rajbir Yadav
Division of GeneticsHead (Acting) & Principal Scientist

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Genesis and Growth

The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) is an institution par excellence for agricultural research and education in the country. The Division of Genetics at IARI, widely regarded as the "Seat of Green Revolution" in India, is one of the important pillars of this institute. This Division has been in existence at IARI since 1960. Since its inception, the Division has been making significant contributions to basic, strategic and applied research in genetics and plant breeding of various crops as well as model genetic organisms. The leadership and vision of several eminent scientists, such as Dr. B.P. Pal, Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, Dr. A.B. Joshi, Dr. H.K. Jain and Dr. V.L. Chopra, have immensely contributed to the development of the Division of Genetics at IARI as a center of excellence in teaching and research related to genetics and plant breeding.

The Division of Genetics has nurtured a large contingent of post-graduate students, both from India and abroad. Alumni of the Division have either served or have been serving diverse national and international research organizations as geneticists and plant breeders of high repute. In its endeavour to develop highly trained human resources, the Division has been continuously upgrading its postgraduate education and research programmes, keeping in view the recent developments in crop genetics and breeding.

The Mandate

  • Basic and strategic research for genetic enhancement of field crops
  • Applied research/ varietal development in various field crops
  • Transfer of technologies developed by the Division
  • Post-graduate teaching and research/ human resource development
  • Developing and strengthening collaborative linkages with national/international organizations in mutual areas of interest in research and post-graduate teaching

Linkages and Networking

IARI Regional Stations:
Besides linkages with other Divisions within the Institute, the Division of Genetics has effective linkages with the IARI Regional Stations located at Pusa (Bihar), Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), Karnal (Haryana), Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Wellington and Aduthurai (Tamil Nadu), and Dharwad (Karnataka), for undertaking strategic research as well as shuttle breeding in field crops.

National and International Institutions: The Division of Genetics has linkages and networking with national institutions as well as highly reputed international research institutions for strengthening research programmes in mutual areas of interest. These linkages have also immensely contributed to human resource development in the Division, particularly in the frontier technologies.

Infrastructure and Other Facilities

  • Laboratory Facilities: Besides "Quality Assessment Laboratories" for cereals and oilseeds, the Division has well-equipped laboratories for undertaking molecular breeding. The equipment includes GC, HPLC, DNA Sequencer, UPLC, Real time PCR, Fragment Analyzer, NIR, Ultracentrifuges, PCR machines, Deep Freezers (-80°C and -20°C) etc. The Division also has Light and Fluorescent Microscopes, Stereozoom Microscope, and Micromanipulator. Generator and UPS facilities are also available for back-up of equipment.

  • Computer Cell: Computers with internet connectivity and multimedia facilities that cater to the needs of scientists, administrative staff and students.

  • Divisional Library: Has a valuable collection of more than 2000 books in genetics, cytogenetics, plant breeding, molecular biology and biotechnology, besides journals, Annual Reviews, Newsletters and reprints of publications by scientists of the Division.

  • Seminar Hall: Air-conditioned Seminar Hall with modern audio-visual facilities such as LCD Projector.

  • Committee room: A committee room with facilities for a small round bench talk facility are available.

  • Lecture Hall /Practical Lab: A Lecture Hall equipped with LCD Projector and a Practical Laboratory available for PG teaching.

Details of professional societies

  • Genetics Club: An official club of the Division of Genetics comprising students and faculty. It is active in organizing the B.P. Pal Lecture and Teachers’ day lecture. It facilitates qualitative interaction between students and staff of the division.

Current Focus of Research

  • Enhancement of genetic potential of field crops through
  • Germplasm evaluation and utilization
  • Pre-breeding, including distant hybridization for transfer of agronomically important traits in field crops
  • Heterosis breeding
  • Breeding for biotic and abiotic stress resistance
  • Breeding for crop quality
  • Effective utilization of molecular marker technologies for crop improvement