Research Thrust

Current research programmes of the Division aim to address contemporary agricultural development challenges from the national and global perspective. Following are the main research thrust areas:

  • Knowledge, Science and Technology for Agriculture

    This programme focuses on research impact assessment and foresight analysis with an objective to improve targeting and effectiveness of agricultural research. The issues of R&D investment, science and technology policy, intellectual property rights, crop biotechnology, etc. are also accorded high priority. The programme is also supported by compilation of information on the latest developments in markets, trade, technology and related areas.

  • Agricultural Production, Natural Resources and Environment

    This programme aims to study research issues related to agricultural production, natural resources and environment in the context of climate change. Specific research areas are input use efficiency, sustainability of natural resources, especially land and water, commodity modelling and adaptations to climate change.

  • Policy, Investment and Inclusive Agricultural Growth

    Public policy, investment and technology are main drivers of agricultural growth. However, their relationship and influence are changing rapidly. Research work under this programme analyzes ways and means to enhance their effectiveness in terms of inclusive growth. Efficiency of public investment, public-private partnership and business investment in the context of liberalization are other important research areas.

  • Agricultural Markets and Value Chains

    Development and efficient functioning of agricultural markets is essential to provide quality inputs and remunerative prices to farmers. This programme supports research on reforms in input and output markets, direction of trade and its impact on growth and welfare, impact of regional trade agreements, development of value chains and future outlook of agricultural commodity markets.

  • Local Governance and Delivery of Farm Services

    The roles of state and society in agricultural development are changing rapidly. There is emphasis on participation of stakeholders, increasing role of village-level institutions, and participation of business sector in delivery of improved technology and services to farmers. Studies under this theme analyze these issues. Efforts are also made to explore the mechanisms and innovations to improve effectiveness of local organizations in delivery of services to farmers, targeting of agricultural programmes and promote sustainable use of resources.

  • Livelihood Security, Poverty and Gender

    Inclusive growth has been the main development objective. Agricultural growth involving disadvantageous regions and sections of the society is essential to meet this objective. Research work under this programme explores options to promote livelihood options for rural poor, non-farm rural employment, anti-poverty programmes and empowerment of rural women.



  • Provided consultancy and advisory services in different areas of agricultural development and policy to various national and international organizations.
  • Providing guidance to scientists and students for their research work and value-added information to farmers and development organizations.