The division of Agricultural Engineering, IARI has been engaged in research and development of technology in the area of Farm Machinery and Power, precision farming, Drone and Robotic development for Agriculture, Post-Harvest Engineering, protected Cultivation and Renewable Energy. The division also has close collaboration with industries, entrepreneurs and farmers. The developed technologies have been disseminated through demonstration on farmers field and revolving fund scheme. The division upgrades the skill of farmers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers by organising the training and workshop etc.


A number of technologies and processes have been developed by the Division and few of them have been commercialized under different schemes particularly through Revolving Fund Scheme. These machines resulted in increased efficiency, reduced drudgery and were found cost effective. Some of the important equipment for seeding and planting include Okra Planter, weeder-cum-seeder, pre germinated paddy seeders, two-row seed drill, and potato planter. The animal feed block making machines included Complete Cattle feed block formation machine, Mobile Feed Block Formation Machine and Feed block making machine (Stationery Low capacity), Urea molasses mineral block (UMMB) formation machine, Feed and fodder mixer and Feed & fodder crusher. The accelerated compost making machines included Pusa compost Turner cum mixer, Pusa Automatic compost sieving Machine and Pusa Compost Loader. The machines related to dry land agriculture included aqua ferti. seed drill and mechanical hydrogel applicator. The recent effort is on design and development of suitable cost effective machines for vegetable cultivation. The equipment developed for post-harvest operations included multi crop vegetable-cum-fruit grader, paddy thresher, paddy sheller, rice polisher, powered winnower, sunflower seed decorticator, and vegetable seed extractor. In addition, a technology for production of instant dal, development of Postural Dynamometer and safety devices for chaff cutter are also some of the important contributions. Appropriate designs of greenhouses for different agro climatic regions of India were also developed in the division.