Research Programmes & Services

Research Thrust

  • Agronomic studies on major field crops and cropping systems for sustainable production and soil health.
  • Resource management for sustainable crop production.
  • Integrated farming system research


Research Projects

  • Integrated crop and resource management for enhanced productivity and profitability
  • Integrated nutrient management with other agro-inputs for enhancing nutrient-use efficiency,  sustainable productivity, profitability and soil health
  • Development of organic farming modules for sustainable production and quality in high value crops
  • Nutrient management for improving rhizospheric environment in major cropping systems.
  • Agro-techniques for efficient use of irrigation and rain water for enhancing water productivity in various cropping systems
  • Conservation agriculture for enhancing productivity and resource-use efficiency
  • Weed assessment and management in crops and cropping systems
  • Challenge Programme: Conservation agriculture (CA) for higher crop productivity and resource-use efficiency in rice-based cropping systems
  • Decision support system for enhancing water productivity of irrigated rice‐wheat cropping system
  • Evaluation of direct and residual effect of citrate and/or water soluble sources of phosphorus on the productivity and phosphorus use efficiency of major crops and cropping systems
  • Management of solid waste (kitchen waste) through rapid composting
  • Evaluation of bio-efficacy of Taba and Vitormone, the foliar N-fixing bio-fertilizer, in soybean and wheat
  • Developing chickpea cultivars suited to mechanical harvesting and tolerant to herbicides
  • Consortium Research Platform on Conservation Agriculture (Division of Agronomy): to develop CA practices in five cropping systems (rice-wheat, rice-mustard, cotton-wheat, pigeonpea- wheat & maize-wheat) under irrigated conditions.
  • Adoption, impact and constraint analysis in direct-seeded rice cultivation systems vis-à-vis transplanted rice & scope of chemical based weed management strategy
  • Precision farming for enhanced input-use efficiency (IARI-Flagship programme)
  • Diversification of rice-wheat cropping system for enhanced sustainability and profitability
  • Development of urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) application system for enhanced nutrient use efficiency
  • Evaluation of Ag Rho N protect B as urease Inhibitor for enhanced nitrogen use efficiency of urea in rice
  • Development of technologies for realizing production potential of new varieties and hybrids of vegetable crops
  • Agronomic evaluation of products of slow release N fertilizers
  • Evaluation of zinc, boron and sulphur coated urea/fertilizer in wheat and maize crops
  • AICRP trials on Wheat and Barley
  • AICRP trials on Rapeseed and Mustard
  • AICRP trials on Pearlmillet
  • AICRP trials on Soybean
  • AICRP trials on Maize




Services offered by Biomass Utilization Unit:

  • Processing of IARI farm waste residues for FYM preparation. About 10 trolleys of waste biomass are received everyday at BUU for recycling.
  • Vermicomposting of crop residues and cattle dung.
  • Distribution of FYM, sieved leaf compost and vermicompost for experimental use at IARI farms.
  • Value addition of FYM by enriching it with rock phosphate.
  • Supply of cattle dung to Biogas plants installed at Integrated Farming System model field  in IARI.
  • Demonstration and training to various visitors / farmers / entrepreneurs on various technologies available at BUU.
  • Approximately 5,000 tonnes of different kinds of good quality compost produced annually at BUU.
  • A revenue of Rs. 4.34 Lakh was generated during 2015-16 by selling various BUU produces viz. green fodder and grass, leaf compost, FYM, vermicompost etc. to farmers / entrepreneurs.


Services offered by Pusa Produce Sale Centre:

  • Managing the sale of various IARI farm products viz. foodgrains, oilseeds, vegetables etc.
  • Revenue of Rs. 13.13 Lakh was generated during April 2015 to March 2016