The present campus of the Institute is a self-contained sylvan complex spread over an area of about 500 hectares (approx. 1250 acres). It is located about 8 km (5 miles) west of New Delhi Railway Station and about 16 km (10 miles) east of Indira Gandhi International Airport at Palam. The location stands at 28.080N and 77.120E, the height above mean sea level being 228.61 metres (750 feet). It is adjacent to hill side road. The climate is sub-temperate and semi-arid. The mean maximum daily temperature during the hot weather (May-October) ranges from 32.20C to 400C and the mean minimum temperature from 12.20C to 27.50C. June to September is rainy months during which about 500 mm of rainfall is received. Winter sets in from mid-November and is delightful. The mean maximum temperature during winter (November-March) ranges from 20.10C to 29.10C and the mean minimum temperature from 5.60C to 12.70C. During winter, a small amount of rainfall (about 63 mm) is received.
The Institute has 20 divisions 5 multi-disciplinary centres situated in Delhi, 8 regional stations, 2 off-season nurseries, 3 All India coordinated research projects with headquarters at IARI and 10 national centres functioning under the all India coordinated research projects. It has a sanctioned staff strength of 3540 comprising scientific, technical, administrative and supporting personnel.
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