Research Thrust

Basic and Strategic Research

  • Development of innovative research methodological tools including scales and indices for estimation of socio-personal, socio-economic and psychological variables.
  • Development of convergence led, ICT mediated Extension Models for multi-stakeholder participation, effective communication and faster diffusion of improved farming technologies.
  • Organizational management and impact assessment research.
  • Leveraging agriculture for nutritional security ; agri-nutri education and behavioural change communication methodologies, pathways from agriculture to nutrition .
  • Research for promotion of agri-business and rural entrepreneurship.
  • Development of innovative educational and training methodologies.
  • Climate change research in social and livelihood perspectives.


Policy Directives

  • The National Demonstration on improved Farm technologies was first conceived and organized by the Division. This concept was accepted and a national level programme on National Demonstration was initiated during 1965.
  • Since inception, the Division continues to provide leadership to agricultural universities and ICAR Institutes in the areas of teaching, research and training on extension education
  • The Division took the leading role in revising and improving the P.G. courses curriculum in agricultural extension in National level during 2002
  • Through the centre of Advanced Studies in Agricultural Extension the Division has played a leadership role in designing and conducting national level training programmes in emerging areas like extension management, entrepreneurship development, information technologies and training technologies
  • Operational Research and Integrated Area Development Project provided the base for ICAR’s frontline Operational Research Project for technology testing on watershed approach
  • Establishing Extension centre in its hinterland village Nagloi marked the beginning of an integrated working of research, teaching and extension functions of the Institute


Future Thrusts

  • Micro-eco situation specific extension model development.
  • Development of innovative models.
  • ICT enabled Smart-training and learning management.
  • Agri-Nutri Extension Education and behaviour change communication.
  • Capacity building of stakeholders in changing agricultural extension scenario.
  • Establishment of multi-sectoral convergence in technology management and transfer.