Research Programmes & Services

Research Programmes

  • Basic research lead technology development for hybrid seed production in rice, Indian mustard, pigeon pea, pearl millet, single cross speciality maize and cauliflower.
  • Assessing the effect of high temperature on seed yield and quality in parental lines of wheat hybrids.
  • Evaluation and understanding the seed vigour and dormancy traits in rice.
  • Deciphering the differential response of seed quality traits in conventional and quality Indian mustard genotypes.
  • Seed compositional effect on vigour and storability in speciality maize.
  • Physiological and molecular mechanisms of seed priming in pigeon pea and soybean under various a-biotic stresses.
  • Evaluation of morphological, physiological and molecular traits associated with seed vigour and longevity in mini-core collections of soybean.
  • Standardization of machine and crop variables for multi-stage mechanical seed processing.
  • Seed quality enhancement technology for direct seeded rice, summer mung bean, chickpea and pigeon pea.



  • Maintenance breeding and nucleus seed production of IARI varieties
  • Quality seed production and marketing of IARI varieties/hybrids of field and vegetable crops
  • Seed testing of field and vegetables crops
  • Testing of commercial and farmer’s seed samples
  • Seed pathological laboratory for Seed health tests.
  • ISTA Proficiency Test Programme
  • Advisory services to farmers and seed industry personnel in the areas of seed production, quality evaluation, storage etc.
  • Plays a key role in release of new varieties/hybrids of field and horticultural crops, formulation of rules, regulations, and policies regarding seed certification, law enforcement and seed exchange