Research Programmes & Services

Research Programmes

  • Conducted AVT on wheat (12 varieties) in 4 replication sponsored by DWR
  • Conducted CVT on wheat (72 varieties) in 04 replication(CVT 1A – 36x2 and CVT 1B – 36x2)
  • Advanced hybrid trial on Pearl-millet (AHT) with 11 entities & 03 replication.
  • 7th harvest plus yield trial on wheat (50 varieties) in 02 replication.
  • 8th HPAN (200 varieties) in 2 line.



Vocational training courses (free of cost) on income & employment generating areas like Bee Keeping, Dairy Farming, Tractor Repairing, Motor Winding, Dress designing and tailoring, Vermicompost, Plant Protection, Mushroom production, Value addition and Preservation of seasonal fruits & vegetables.

  • Free farm advisory services to the needy farmers and farm women related to crop production, crop protection, horticulture and animal husbandry.
  • Scientific Demo./Modules of different Farming System, Crop varieties and Instructional Units.
  • Advance booking based seeds & seedlings of different crops, vegetables and fruits, availability.
  • Diagnostic services for crops and soils at farmers fields.
  • Free diagnostic services and treatment of animals at KVK campus.
  • Soil and water testing facility.
  • Free distribution of KVK news letter and extension literature.
  • Kisan Mobile Advisory services through SMS.