Research Programmes & Services


  • Enrichment and documentation of microbial bio-diversity
  • Genomics and improved diagnostics
  • Virulence analysis and genetic diversity
  • Climate change impact on disease dynamics
  • Biological control of plant diseases
  • Development of transgenic resistance against biotic stresses
  • Production of pathogens (virus) free planting material

1. Identification and Supply of fungal, bacterial and bio-control agents

     Fungal specimens and fungal cultures maintained:

  • Fungal Specimens at HCIO: 50100
  • Fungal cultures at ITCC: 3900

    The number of fungal/bacterial cultures identified and supplied in the last 10years (2004-2015)

  • Fungal/bacterial cultures identified: 3238
  • Fungal/bacterial cultures supplied: 3983

2. Supply of diagnostic reagents and gene constructs

  • Resource Generation (Rs. 7,20,800/-)
  • Testing of plant samples (220) from freedom from viruses (Rs. 86,000/-)
  • Testing of samples (566) predominantly for presence of viruses through EM
  • Signed MOU with Pome Care Lab, Melagaon, Nasik for PCR based detection of pomegranate bacterial blight
  • Human Resource Development through teaching and training