The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) is India's premier institution in the field of agricultural research, higher education in agriculture (Post-Graduate programme) and extension education. Since 1958, it holds the status of a deemed university under the University Grants Commission Act of 1956 and is authorized to award post-graduate degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural sciences and its related basic disciplines.
The Students' Union is called "The Post-Graduate School Students Union (PGSSU)" after the name of the institution, the Post-Graduate School of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. The Union is run by the students and for the students. Students take every major decision about the services and activities. Fourteen students are elected each year and make up the Executive Committee. We take the main responsibility for running the Post Graduate School Students' Union and have been students at IARI for the past few years.
Our aim is to make your time here a memorable, safe and successful one. The Institute has an ever-increasing reputation for providing quality education in the diversified fields of Agriculture and the Union has an ever-increasing reputation for providing quality entertainments and services.

The following are the aims and objectives of the PGSSU

  • To inculcate a spirit of fellow feeling and a mutual contact among the members.
  • To promote the social and cultural welfare of the members and to raise the tempo of athletic activities in the Post-Graduate School.
  • To encourage the intellectual development of the members.
  • To arouse among the members a spirit of social service.
  • To provide an opportunity to the members to train themselves in the art of self-government and group leadership.
  • To promote the consciousness of the members regarding the aims and working of various national and international student organization and
  • to represent the Post-Graduate School students’ body on the national as well as intellectual plane.
  • To find out immediate solution for all such problems as may jeopardize the common interest of the members by meeting, discussions and making suggestions, if necessary, to the concerned authorities.
  • To promote the establishment of close relations between the students and the members of teaching staff of the Post-Graduate School. To maintain contacts with the ex-alumni of the Post-Graduate School and Associates of the I.A.R.I., New Delhi.


The above mentioned objectives shall be met by organizing various literary and cultural activities such as debates, film shows, essay writing competitions, educational trips, sports and games and any other items consistent with the objectives, provided the such subjects, which are likely to offend any member on religious and moral grounds and result in national and emotional disintegration or which have been disallowed by Patron shall not be discussed during the activities of the PGSSU.


The Director of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi is the Chief-Patron and the Dean and Joint Director (Education), Post- Graduate School of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi is the Patron of the PGSSU.


  1. Any person who is admitted to the Post-Graduate School as a M.Sc. or Ph.D. student will automatically become a member of the PGSSU. "Departmental" students of the Institute are also eligible for the membership of the PGSSU.
  2. Associate member: Any member of the staff of the I.R.R.I., New Delhi would be eligible as an associate member. Associate member shall not have the right to vote.

General Body

The members and the associate members of th Union shall constitute the General Body of the Union. The General Body shall be the supreme governing body of the Union.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the PGSSU will comprise the following elected officers

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. General Secretary
  4. Games and Spot Secretary
  5. Finance Secretary
  6. Social and Cultural Secretary
  7. The Student Representative to Academic Council will act as the ex-officio member and attend all the Executive Committee meetings as ex-officio member.
  8. Five Class Representatives.
  9. Literary Secretary
  10. Alumni Secretary

The Executive Committee will function in collective manner with the members being responsible to the President in all matters. The General Secretary will function as the Principal Executive of the Committee in day-to-day management of the Union affairs. The duties assigned to the office bearers by the Executive Committee will be placed on record in the Union office for guidance.

Functions of the General Body

  1. Every member of the General Body shall have the right to vote at elections of the Union Executive and in all meetings Elections of the Union Executivewhere a vote is called for.
  2. Every member of the Union shall have the right to contest elections for the Union.
  3. Every member of the Union shall have the right to examine the accounts, the minute books and record of the Union provided that he/she gives three days notice of his/her intention to do so to the General Secretary.
  4. Every member shall have the right to ask questions in writing on any matter connected with Union and receive reply from the Union Executive. All such questions shall be addressed to the General Secretary.

Functions of the Executive Committee

The duties of the Executive Committee shall include

  1. Preparation of programmes for the year, trimester wise and to ensure their proper execution.
  2. The programmes will be finalized after consideration of proposals made by individual office bearers pertaining to their specific charges to pass the budget for these activities. The budget should be placed and passed in a special General Body Meeting by the simple majority of the members present. This special General Body Meeting will be called at least three days notice.
  3. To appoint Sub-Committee whenever necessary to help the Secretaries in the execution of their duties particularly on occasions of special importance.
  4. To appoint delegations for representing the PGSSU in various national and international students activates.
  5. To assist the President in taking decisions on various matters so as to further strengthen the cause of the PGSSU.


Post-Graduate School Students Union (PGSSU) Elected Reprensentative for year 2020-21





President -

Rahul Kumar


Vice-President -

Pynhunlin N.K. Dohling


General Secretary -

Artha Kundu


Academic Council Representative -

Manu S.M.


Finance Secretary -

Sanjay Kumar Gupta