• A process for the preparation of neem oil emulsion concentrate EW (emulsion oil in water)

Lalit Kumar , B.S.Parmar

  • A process of preparing a herbicidal composition against Phalaris minor from neem and the herbicidal composition prepared thereof

Shashi Bala Singh, Gita Kulshrestha

  • Improvement in/or relating to synthesis of 4-methyl 6 alkyl-2H pyran-2 ones as potential fungicides

P. Dureja ,Tarun K. Chhatopadhyay

  • A process for the detoxification of chlorpyrifos residues in drinking water

Madhuban Gopal,Ram Niwas and others

  • Improvement in or relating to the preparation of powdered Azadiratchin A- rich concentrate from neem seed kernel

P. Dureja, R.S.Tanwar and S.K.Handa

  • Improvement in/or relating to preparation of reduced azadirachtin (S) biopesticides

Suresh Walia, Vandana Sharma, Jitendra Kumar ,Balraj Singh Parmar

  • Additives for improved photostability of Azadirachtin-A

Prem Durja Sapna Johnson and Swaran Dhingra

  • Improvement in/or relating to the preparation of thiophanate methyl

Prem Dureja, S.S.Tomar

  • A process for the production of blue green algal biofertiliser

Brahma Dutta Kaushik