Prof. M S SWAMINATHAN LIBRARY is one of the largest and the finest agrobiological libraries in South East Asia housing a total of 3.75 lakh plus publications including 1,32,000 books / monographs / bulletins, 2,21,600 journals / reports , 15,160 post graduate theses, 7,683 Hindi books , 28,500 news letters etc. Access of 24 Online Journals available on LAN. The Library has, on its role, 2000 members, viz., students, scientists and technical staff. It also serves about 8,000 visitors every year. The Library functions as the depository of FAO, IDRC and AVRDC publications and also as the National Depository for CGIAR institutes publications. The Library has on its role 2000 member viz. students, scientists and technical staff. It also serves about 2500 visitors every year. The Library functions as the depository of Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), and Consultant Group of International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) institutes’ publications. The library has student facility wing / reading halls having 15 PCs with Wi-Fi connectivity and internet and e-mail facility. The name of IARI LIBRARY has been changed to "Prof. M S SWAMINATHAN LIBRARY" as an honour to our most eminent scientist "Prof M. S. Swaminathan"


Acquisition Programme

IARI Library is one of the largest and the finest agro biological libraries in South East Asia housing total of 3,34,128 publications including books / monographs, journals reports, bulletins, post graduate theses and other reference materials etc.

The Library is subscribing 116 Foreign Periodicals , 185 Indian journals and advances annual reviews and procured journals / serials through gifts and exchanges (out of which 30 journals are online), 47 Advances & Annual Reviews, 650 newsletters. Exchange relationship is maintained with 65 institutions globally and nationally by sending 152 annual reports, ICAR journals and society publications.

Documentation Activities

AGRIS project
IARI Library was declared as an input center for National Agricultural Research Database (NARD) under AGRIS Project. The Library was assigned the job of scanning, articles from 10 most important Indian journals. The input was done in ISO format using AGRIN methodology.


Resource Management

Reference, circulation and stack maintenance
Apart from approximately 2000 registered members, the Library is serving approximately 150 to 200 users per day coming from different agricultural universities / ICAR Institutes. Document Delivery is given with in three days through e-mail. Membership of DELNET and INFLIBNET has been taken for better Document Delivery Service and Networking.

CD-ROM workstation
Providing CD-ROM services. 15 user terminals are provided to users in CD-ROM workstation of the library. These databases are accessible through LAN for Scientists / Students / Users of IARI.
CD-ROM workstation
E-Language Lab
Language lab was established with seating capacity of about 50 participants to facilitate language classes for foreign students with modern facilities like 30 computers Pentium V with internet facility, interactive board, visualizers, interactive panel ,head phones etc. A Two hour regular classes of English language for IARI students are being conducted every day in the evening. The language lab is used for conducting trainings, Summer and Winter School Courses of different divisions and Directorate for the benefit of Scientists/Technical staff.
C-DAC Project
A memorandum was signed with C-DAC (Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India) on 4th September 2004 to digitize old documents. These books are accessible through “Digital Library of India”. The first phase of the above project ended on 31st March, 2007.

CeRA (Consortium for eResources in Agriculture) Project of NAIP (World Bank)
Online Access of Approx. 2380 e-Journals is provided on LAN to scientific community , Students and other users of the institute to create e-access culture among scientists / teachers in ICAR Institutes / Agricultural Universities.


e-Granth Project of  NAIP (World Bank)
Prof. M S Swaminathan Library as lead centre created Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) of resources of 36 libraries with “Online Computer Library Center ” (OCLC) partnership, digitized important institutional repositories of IARI, IVRI and UAS, Bangalore . Strengthened capacity building for library and information management system.


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