The academic year of the Post Graduate School is organised in terms of three trimesters in a year, each approximately of 12 weeks duration. The academic session will start generally in August every year.

The exact dates of each trimester in a particular academic year shall be decided by the Academic Council from time to time. The broad time schedule of the three trimesters is given below:

I Trimester: August to November

II Trimester: December to April

III Trimester: May to July

There is a provision for a summer vacation of approximately one month duration during April and May, for which the dates are to be specified by the Academic Council. In addition to summer vacation, there is a provision for winter break of approximately three weeks and a gap of about one week between two academic years on dates to be specified by the Academic Council. Thus, the number of teaching days in an academic year are kept about 220 following the UGC guidelines of minimum 180 teaching days in a year. The Institute offers M.Sc./M.Tech. and Ph.D. degrees in the following disciplines.