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भा. कृ. अनु. सं. का प्रभाव
In the 1960s, the Country faced the “ship-to-mouth” situation. In 1966, 30 million people in India were facing “dire distress” in getting food. But for the Green Revolution, India could not have survived the population bomb. The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, was the seat of India’s ‘Green Revolution’ and “human resource development”, thereby contributing immensely to India’s food security and development. IARI continues its efforts to bring Evergreen Revolution for sustainable food, nutrition, environment and livelihood security of the country. During the last 115 years, IARI has dynamically responded to the needs andchallenges of the Nation and provided human resources and technologies to bring about a radical transformation of Indian agriculture.

विकसित किस्में
Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) has made significant contributions in the development of improved cultivars and their relevant production, protection and processing technologies in fourteen mandated crops, covering cereals, coarse millets, pulses, oilseeds, fodder, fibre and horticultural crops. These crop varieties have been widely adopted in their recommended areas / agro-climatic zones.


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